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02     ABOUT


SEEKING INTIMACY. Capturing images is, for me, an attempt at getting intimate - with faces, people, animals, natural wonders, objects - intimate with color, texture, weather, with atmosphere. I seek intimacy. I am curious. I appreciate low key-ness. Understated. I prefer the quiet. The quiet as a dominant factor. Within the quiet there's room for splashes of color, noise, and all that is not quiet and understated.
I currently live in Copenhagen, my native country is Denmark. I have lived in NYC and Los Angeles for many years, I still live in LA on & off.  When not I go places, travel, explore & take pictures. Mainly I'm interested in faces, in how humans move in cities and in environments. I look for what is not said with words. I look for what is engrained in a human's gaze, skin, how someone holds their hands, feet, how someone looks at someone else and do my interpretation of what that might mean.

I also shoot video and edit. In video I like to get close up. Examples of videos done for others are to be found under VIDEOS. For my own artistic satisfaction I create a different kind of videos - these are not included on this site as of now.

I've always been looking at people trying to see through their composed postures and looked for stories in the faces and movements of strangers and at environments; the architecture and DNA of locations, rooms.

Since babyhood, I’ve watched my dad with a Rolleiflex camera and an 8mm film camera. Entertainment in my family came not from a TV but from screenings of his 8 mm films projected on the wall. 

Inspired by him I got a camera and since early teens I've been taking selfies and photographed friends. My father gave me his darkroom equipment and I learned skills of developing film and printing. Later I turned to video cameras and have shot video ever since I was 20. My first job out of high school was as an assistant to a photographer in Copenhagen. I learned about still photography but bored with that I left and studied architecture and later on acting in London, Italy, Copenhagen, NYC and LA and went to film school at UCLA in LA. 

With a variety of Nikon cameras, I’ve shot people in pursuit of seeing what stories are stored behind someone's gaze. 


Lately, as an exercise to make myself go out amongst strangers, I’ve been shooting people in motion trying to capture how humans move in crowded places.

If interested in working together or buy my pictures, please contact me.

I take it for granted you know what this © means - if not, please email me.

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